Intro from the New Guy

My name is Dave and I have a cooking addiction.  [Hi Dave.]  I must begin with a confession — despite the Chef Dave moniker I am not really a chef.  I have never cooked professionally a day in my life.  Nor have I ever played a chef on TV, or even stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.  The “chef” part is merely an honorific bestowed by my beautiful (and supremely charitable) wife, who inexplicably seems to enjoy eating what I cook.  I mean, she makes happy sounds when she eats and gives me compliments and everything — go figure.

No, I’m just some guy who really, really, REALLY loves to be in the kitchen — slicing, dicing, frying, blanching, braising, whipping, sautéing, baking, caramelizing, pureeing, stewing, reducing, flambéing, you name it.  I absolutely can’t get enough.  It’s my creative outlet, the way I give voice to my muse and show the depth of my affection for family and friends.  Cooking to me is an art, a craft, an expression of love, and above all, a need.  Someday I hope to actually learn how to do it worth a darn.

The “esquire” part of my site name is, however, entirely true.  I’m a licensed attorney in the Cincinnati area, practicing since 1998.  I hope you won’t hold that against me.  My day gig keeps the stove and the lights on and ingredients in the pantry, so I suppose it serves its purpose.  At the end of the day, though, I’m a cook trapped in a lawyer’s body.

A word of warning:  I’m even more of a novice at this blogging thing than I am in the kitchen, so you can expect that my early efforts at sharing my culinary passions will be a bit clumsy, if well-intentioned.  So bear with me, be kind, and hopefully we’ll have some fun together in the days to come as I share the thing that makes me tick.  Eat well, my friends!


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