Chef Lolly?

I just wanted to take a brief opportunity to brag on my Lolly a bit.  Actually I do that every chance I get, but this time is different.  Regular readers of my blog know her as my lovely bride and greatest supporter as I explore the endless world of culinaria.


What you probably don’t know, however, because I never mentioned it before, is that Lolly will tell you she hates to cook.  Over the years, as we were raising our children, of necessity she cooked fairly regularly and developed a modest repertoire of family dinners, including several of which I remain very fond to this day.  However, she never enjoyed cooking and would happily let me handle it whenever I had the time.

More recently, though, since we became empty-nesters and I started taking culinary classes, I do almost all the cooking in our home.  Lolly is only too happy to let me do the honors, and to be honest, I frequently cringe when I watch her wield my razor-sharp Shun chef’s knife.  Luckily for her, she has an avid live-in home chef to do that for her … usually.  Some nights she simply can’t avoid it.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I walked in last night after one of my thrice-weekly kung fu classes to the smell of something wonderful wafting from our kitchen.  I detected the unmistakable savor of roasting meat, vegetables and herbs, and quickly made my way to the kitchen to investigate the source of this tantalizing aroma.  I found the place clean and tidy — nothing but a single roasting pan in the oven.  A few minutes later, here is what Lolly — yes, that very same Lolly — pulled out.


Oh my!  Roasted chicken thighs in a marinade of red wine vinegar and fresh herbs, with a mélange of Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and apples, topped with — dare I say it? — lovely chunks of thick-cut bacon.  And as beautiful as it looks, the taste was even better.  To say I was impressed is a woeful understatement.  “Gob smacked” would be a better choice.

We munched this amazing dinner down with big happy grins on our faces, as I heaped effusive and well-deserved praise on my pretty little chef.  I like to think my enthusiasm for the kitchen has rubbed off on her at least a bit over the years.   Just between you and me, I think Lolly is secretly starting to enjoy cooking.  But we’ll just let that be our little secret, shall we?  Until next time:  Eat well, my friends!



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