Baking Day

Ah, the joys of the weekend!  Today that means baking bread.  No recipes in this post, since the formulas and methods I used here are already given in my earlier bread baking posts (just click on the Homemade Bread tag to find them).  No, I just wanted to share my passion for making delicious loaves on a fine Saturday morning.

Today I made three loaves with Italian herbs and olive oil.  I have already done the official sampling of the results, and yes indeed, they are as yummy as they look.  One of these is for me and Lolly, and the other two are to share with friends — one of whom will be surprised when I give it to her because she doesn’t expect it.  All of us will munch them down with a big happy grin on our faces.  Believe it!  Until next time:  Eat well, my friends!


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